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Pediatric neurosurgery


Children's health problems, including neurosurgical issues, are often different from those of adults. Although neurosurgical training guidelines require trainees to become very familiar with those problems, most neurosurgeons focus on problems that mostly affect adults. Some neurosurgeons add a 1-year fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery to their residency experience. Pediatric neurosurgeons are often employed by larger [...]

Pediatric neurosurgery2020-06-19T12:31:08-04:00

Food for thought


Does what I eat affect my health? The answer is "yes;" some of us might add "duh." When it comes to what makes us sick, anyone who ever had food poisoning, ate too much ice cream, or drank too much alcohol would agree. However, when it comes to what is good for us, [...]

Food for thought2020-06-19T13:06:27-04:00

Meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and health


Just as regular exercise strengthens your bones, muscles, and tendons, a little personal quiet time each day (whether it is spent in prayer, meditation, or mindfulness) can strengthen the sharpness and endurance of your mind (brain) and elevate your mood. Give your mind time Try to set aside 15-30 minutes each day [...]

Meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and health2020-06-19T12:56:13-04:00